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Mapping the marcom mix to the lead funnel June 2, 2009

Posted by Mike Gospe in Integrated Marketing.
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This “best practice” comes from Carol Hague.  Carol is an experienced integrated marketing campaign manager and offers a helpful approach to mapping marcom activities and content appropriately to the lead funnel. 

Mapping the Marketing Mix to the Lead Funnel

She and I collaborated on this graphic and share it as a powerful reference tool for B2B marketers everywhere.  This is by no means a comprehensive list of available activities and content types, but it is enough to help guide teams as they draft their marketing blueprints.

I offer this graphic as a companion tool to the marketing blueprint examples you can find elsewhere on this blog and in my book, Marketing Campaign Development.

What suggestions do you have to make this tool/graphic even stronger?


1. nkelly0623 - June 2, 2009

Great representation. To make it stronger? I would suggest showing post-purchase customer retention activities. There are also different phases of awareness and consideration and at some points people fall out of the funnel into a lead nurturing program to push them along. Not sure how you would show that, but that’s what I’m working on trying to communicate! I’d love to collaborate!
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