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Adding video to the marcom mix September 22, 2009

Posted by Mike Gospe in Integrated Marketing, Social Media.
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Amanda Ferrante of the Demand Gen Report has a great article today entitled: Marketers Tapping Personalized Videos to Generate, Engage Leads. 

YouTube has been the video bulletin board for all kinds of random content.  Now, however, savvy marketers are figuring out how to add video into their marcom mix.  This fits perfectly into the marketing blueprint I shared in an earlier blog post.

Quoting directly from Amanda’s article:

“With the use of video, a solid connection can be made between the presenter and end-user and personalizes the communication while creating interaction,” says Ben Chodor, President of media software provider Stream57. “With video exposure, you are giving clients the opportunity to associate a name and a face with your company and creating a personal relationship.”

Video by itself is not “the magic bullet” that will ensure a successful marketing campaign.  However, this is another example of a piece of the integrated marketing mix.


1. Chris Savage - September 22, 2009

I think Amanda’s take on video marketing is right on. It’s a great way to let prospects interact and learn on their own time. Additionally, with the right tools you can get insight into prospect interest level based on how they watch the video.

The key is measurement. People will skip, drop off, re-watch, or share the video based on their interest. Learning how people are watching can give you actionable information on how to improve your videos and where to focus your efforts.

I invite you to take a look at my company, Wistia (http://wistia.com), or some of the others in the space to get a sense for the way marketers can track video today.

Chris Savage
CEO, Wistia

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