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Personas, Positioning, & the Message Box November 30, 2009

Posted by Mike Gospe in Integrated Marketing, Just for Campaign Managers, Marketing Persona, Messaging, Positioning.
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As 2009 winds to a close, now is a perfect time to take a few minutes to hold a team working-lunch to critique your past lead gen programs.   Most of the programs that fail do so because of at least one of the following miss-steps:

  • Target audience was defined too broadly 
  • Improper positioning failed to differentiate
  • Irrelevant messaging was off topic for the targeted audience

Even minor improvements along any of these three dimensions can improve results dramatically.

Conduct a team working-lunch session

Here’s how you can critique your programs and encourage your team to rally for 2010.  Grab a conference room, order some pizza, and conduct a small team working lunch centered around these three  key exercises designed to help you better understand the buyer.  Use the templates illustrated in this article.

  1. Critique a persona
  2. Tune the positioning statement and
  3. Craft the story (elevator pitch)

Together, they’ll help you deliver more relevant messaging that will successfully cut through all the clutter.


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