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The search for “evidence” February 26, 2010

Posted by Mike Gospe in Integrated Marketing, Messaging.
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What makes you credible in the eyes of your customers and prospects?  It comes down to proof points.  In a word, evidence.

Evidence is undisputable facts that establsh credibility by offering substantiation that your message is accurate and true.

Evidence may take the form of customer testimonials, benchmark studies, analyst reviews, 3rd-party product comparisons and analysis.  However, in our rush to maket, we sometimes take shortcuts that result in common evidence mistakes.  How many of these have you run into?

Common evidence mistakes can cripple a marketing campaign.

The best place to start our search for evidence is not by asking “What evidence is available?”  Instead, we should ask, “What evidence is needed to support the strongest, most credible value proposition?”  To that end, there may not be a short answer.  The team may need to develop an action plan to get the evidence we need.

But please don’t confuse this we manufacturing evidence!  Like an investigative reporter, the team may need to interview customers to understand what ROI and metrics they have achieved, or they may need to arrange for 3rd-party product comparison testing, or undergo a rigorous round of new benchmarking. 

What’s at stake here is nothing short of a company’s ethics.  Customers and prospects can tell the difference and will act accordingly.


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