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A new sales book that B2B marketers should read June 30, 2011

Posted by Mike Gospe in Just for Campaign Managers, Marketing Operations, The Marketing High Ground.
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I loved Kevin Davis’ new book, Slow Down, Sell Faster! The key here is simple: who ever understands the customer best, wins! Davis embraces this notion by pushing sales reps to really understand the customer, their pain points, goals, interests, priorities, and their buying process before making the sales pitch. To illustrate the “process of discovery”, he has a wonderful graphic called “The Sales Wheel”. Written in an easy-to-read style, Davis describes each stage of the customer’s buying process and how to overlay the interaction and engagement approach sales reps should use for best results.

As it so happened, I’ve already had several opportunities to try out Davis’ recommended approach on a couple of sales calls of my own. I had been talking with a potential client for a while and hoping to close the deal that afternoon. However, I wondered if perhaps I was selling too quickly. I reflected prior to my call that the prospect had dropped some hints as to their first and secondary needs that I had neglected. So, instead of pushing for the close, I took a step back and used the call to review their needs and expectations. Good thing I did because their conditions had changed! Having taken a step back, I was able to re-evaluate the needs with the prospect and then finalize the proposal! It’s ironic but true: you have to slow down in order to sell faster!

For B2B marketers, this is a “must read” on how the sales model can work best for the complex sale. His book is in many ways a mirror to The Marketing High GroundHis new book goes a long way to helping marketers and sales teams alike to align their plans and engagement models around the customers’ buying process and the “message box” used to engage them in a relevant, meaningful conversation.


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