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Marketing Blueprints in Action — put them on display March 5, 2012

Posted by Mike Gospe in Integrated Marketing, Just for Campaign Managers.

Displaying their marketing blueprints in the corporate hallways have created a tighter bond between marketing and sales. “This is real enterprise marketing,” says the company’s president.

A hi-tech services company with roots in the SMB market wanted to up-level their profile in the enterprise arena. They knew they needed a more effective marketing strategy to engage and win new B2B customers. But their current marketing operations processes were ad hoc, and their marketing activities were driven individually, thereby looking more like the individual kernels of “marketing popcorn” rather than logical touch points in an evolving, interactive and integrated dialog with the prospect. Enter the Enterprise Marketing Director who had a vision for driving a more effective enterprise marketing campaign leveraging the best practices described in the book, Marketing Campaign Development. They now proudly display their marketing blueprints in the corporate hallways.

Their first marketing campaign is now underway, but they are already seeing positive signs of progress.  Positioning statements, value propositions, and the message box process are becoming ingrained across the marketing staff. The director and her campaign leadership team quickly earned praises from the company’s president:

“This is real enterprise marketing — something we’ve never had. It’s what’s been missing and what we need.”

Recognition of their new marketing planning process has also come from Gartner analysts and even some of their enterprise partners who have noticed the recent changes in their marketing sophistication. Specifically, their efforts have been rewarded with compliments that praise how “well planned, targeted and thought-through our initiatives are,” she tells me. In fact, the campaign leaders are now seen as resident subject-matter experts on the integrated campaign development process. They are now being asked to conduct internal workshops to help marketers in other business units up-level their game.

How have you put these best practices to work.  I invite you to share your stories.


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