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B2B Sales Enablement & The Customer Journey May 30, 2013

Posted by Mike Gospe in Customer journey, Integrated Marketing, sales enablement.
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But what does the term “customer journey” really mean?

We live in a world where companies must earn their customers every day. It’s no longer enough to save all marketing investment for a specific point in time or product launch. Cloud-based services and subscription models of all kinds are becoming standard — both in terms of how companies deliver products and services, as well as how customers expect to receive value. This means we are challenged to rethink the timing of our messages and the quality of each prospect engagement and lead generation program. We need to think not in terms of isolated events (i.e. tradeshows, product launch windows), but in terms of a customer journey — a journey where we walk along side our customers every step of the way.

The customer journey provides a powerful customer-focused framework for defining not only customer needs but also sales enablement requirements.

See the customer journey flipbook.

Mike Connor, principal of Spice Catalyst, explains this new way to think about developing insanely great customers. Because whoever understands the customer best, wins, success requires marketers to truly understand and empathize with the people who live and breath in the target market. It is the only way to deliver an engaging and rich customer experience. Read more.

It will give you some new ideas to consider. Enjoy!


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