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How well is your marketing team performing? July 7, 2009

Posted by Mike Gospe in Integrated Marketing, Marketing Operations.
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As businesses gear up for the fall quarter, it is timely to take a few moments to revisit past marketing communications programs and evaluate their success.    But, the last thing you want in an audit is a “marketing free-for-all blame game.”  Instead, use this simple 2×2 matrix to help you capture and align the issues.

Audit TemplateDepending on your need, you may want to hire an outside expert to work with you to perform an unbiased audit.  Or, you might be interested in holding your own half-day team offsite.  Either way, here is a structure that I have found works great to capture, categorize, and then prioritize actions.

An effective 360 degree audit will look at the following:

  • Plans: The current plans and programs (with scrutiny and focus on the marketing objectives and program blueprints).
  • Processes: The internal processes for capturing and distributing leads (with a review of any CRM and marketing automation tools you are using).
  • People: A review of the marketing skills your team possesses and those they lack, as well as what skills you are outsourcing.

As you review these 3 dimensions, categorize your findings in one of 4 groupings:

  1. Turn-around
  2. Re-alignment
  3. Start-up
  4. Sustain

An example audit is shown in the attached graphic.  During a half-day offsite, the marketing leadership team performed a frank assessment and prioritized the insights which are captured in the graphic.  Action items were then identified and assigned to owners.  The team will be reconvening next month to update each other on the progress and confirm the metrics and measurement for a successfull Q3 and Q4.

Consider performing your own 360 degree audit and let me know how this technique works for you.  For questions or tips on how to structure the most effective “working session” offsite, feel free to email me at mikeg@kickstartall.com or post your comments on this blog.