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The Flipchart Guides to Customer Advisory Boards

Flipchart Guides to Customer Advisory BoardsThis two-volume set is all about advisory boards. Volume 1, written for executives, shares how innovative company leaders are using the CAB to align their strategic direction. Volume 2, written for first-time CAB managers, unlocks all the secrets for executing a world-class advisory board.



The Marketing High Ground 

This book is about 3 things and how to do them well: build personas, positioning statements, and customer-ready messaging.

This is a marketers’ call-to-arms: We need to  collectively raise the bar in all that we do: from sensing marketing opportunities, to gathering market requirements, to synthesizing competitive data, to applying customer feedback, to managing the go-to-market plan. Success in today’s competitive marketplace requires marketers to take responsibility for understanding the target customer, their pain points, their opportunities, and their buying process better than ever before. Welcome to the marketing high ground!

The path begins with 3 critical steps:

  1. Prioritizing market segments & building personas
  2. Drafting complete and differentiating positioning statements
  3. Crafting relevant messaging

Packed with templates, examples, and B2B case studies, this playbook guides you on the path to the marketing high ground where you understand the market so well that you become acknowledged as the customers’ advocate.Because, whoever understands the customer best, wins!


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