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Get a free hour with Mike Gospe February 7, 2018

Posted by Mike Gospe in Integrated Marketing.
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We’re celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Marketing Campaign Development! Thank you for being part of the MCD family of more than 100K views from marketing teams around the world.

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Interested in getting some feedback on your latest plans?

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During 2018, I’m offering a free 1 hour marketing consultation to the first 10 people who sign up. Contact me to schedule a video conference where we can chat about anything you like: launch plans, campaign strategies, blueprint creation, campaign manager coaching, navigating internal politics, whatever. It’s a free hour for you, and it’s an opportunity for me to say thank you!

Contact me to schedule your free consultation.

In the meantime, please enjoy my 3 most popular blog posts of all time

  1. Do we really need a positioning statement?
  2. Communications Objectives and the Buying and Sales Processes
  3. Building an “Awareness/Thought Leadership” Blueprint

Contact me to schedule your free consultation.



Marketing Campaign Development celebrates 10 year anniversary August 9, 2017

Posted by Mike Gospe in Integrated Marketing.
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In 2007 I wrote the book Marketing Campaign Development in hopes that it would inspire a generation of marketers in the art and science of truly integrated marketing. 10 years later, the book continues to find an audience eager to apply these best practices.

3 Tips for creating your best B2B buyer personas August 25, 2015

Posted by Mike Gospe in Marketing Persona, personas.
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A new online course by Mike Gospe

How to Build Better Buyer Personas

“I know I’m wasting half of my marketing budget. I just don’t know which half!” Have you or your management team ever expressed this concern? It’s a common one. What if I told you that I know how to know, with certainty, which half of your budget is mis-spent? (more…)

How to Build Better Personas — a new online course from Mike Gospe August 3, 2015

Posted by Mike Gospe in personas.
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How well do you understand your target market? This new online course will arm you to achieve success. (more…)

How to create your best elevator pitch March 13, 2015

Posted by Mike Gospe in Messaging.
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Mike Gospe's message box in action

Learn how to create a compelling elevator pitch for your new product. This is a new online course created by Mike Gospe.

The “message box” technique is a fun, fast way to create a compelling elevator pitch for your new product or service. For the month of March, this new online course is available for free.


Positioning Statements in Action – part 1 March 11, 2015

Posted by Mike Gospe in Integrated Marketing.
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Positioning statements continue to be a hot topic. Sometimes it helps to see a real example and what the team learned from it.

The Marketing High Ground

The following is a snippet from The Marketing High Ground. More details of this example, including many others, can be found in the book. Additional examples will be shared and briefly reviewed in future posts.

So, how do you know if you’ve created an effective positioning statement? The following cheat sheet can help guide teams through the creation and evaluation exercise.

View original post 420 more words

Example of a tactical “Marketing Blueprint” for events January 20, 2015

Posted by Mike Gospe in blueprints, Integrated Marketing, Marketing Operations, programs.
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What is a “marketing blueprint”? This continues to be a good question and a source of confusion amongst marketers because blueprints are often confused with Excel spreadsheets of Microsoft Project. Here are 4 things to know about blueprints and a tactical example to shed some light. (more…)

Integrated Marketing vs “Marketing Popcorn” October 20, 2014

Posted by Mike Gospe in Integrated Marketing, Just for Campaign Managers, Leadership, Marketing Persona.
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I have a pet peeve, and it’s marketing popcorn. No, not the marketing of popcorn. “Marketing popcorn.” This is the exact opposite of truly effective integrated marketing. (more…)

Arm your sales team with the best corporate pitch. 3 guidelines to follow. October 2, 2014

Posted by Mike Gospe in Integrated Marketing, Leadership, sales enablement, value proposition.
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Executives and sales reps continue to struggle with the best way to present their company to new prospects. Especially if you are part of an early stage company, your personal and professional credibility are on the line. Unfortunately, the most common first slides I see in the obligatory corporate pitch are about technology. There is a much, much better way to open the door. (more…)

3 trends orbiting the brave new world of “marketing attribution” September 27, 2014

Posted by Mike Gospe in Integrated Marketing.
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“Marketing Attribution” tools and services are rapidly being adopted by Fortune 1000 companies. But successful application of these tools and services require much more than just operational finesse. It requires a deep understanding of your company’s culture. Companies must restructure their marketing operations. (more…)